Julie-Ann Weiss (Jules)

MA Metalwork & Jewellery

BDes (Hons) Jewellery & Metalwork

PGCE Post Graduate Certificate in Education


Jules is born and bred in Yorkshire, settling in Sheffield after travelling and study. Fully qualified in teaching and after completing an MA in Metalwork and Jewellery in 2014, Jules saw an opportunity to create an independent business teaching jewellery making.       Jules firmly believes that everyone can learn how to make objects and jewellery and loves to teach and facilitate this. Visit the studio, meet Jules and the team to find out more about how to get creative.

Jules makes fun wearable pieces of jewellery and objects of curiosity inspired by museum collections and found objects. Current work explores ways to celebrate, commemorate and share objects through sensory, imaginative and storytelling engagement.

"I make jewellery and objects that explore ideas surrounding connection, place, narrative and conversation - collector, maker, lecturer, workshop facilitator and object interpreter".

Studio Budgie Galore Ltd - Tutor - Melissa Montague

Melissa Montague

MA Metalwork & Jewellery

BA (Hons) Designed Metalwork and Jewellery 


Melissa is an artist, silversmith and maker running her own practice alongside delivering specialised workshops. Melissa completed an MA design: Jewellery and metalwork at Sheffield Hallam University in 2014 and has been growing her business since then; creating handmade one-off pieces to exhibit and sell thorough various craft fairs and galleries.

Melissa's current work is a collection of decorative vessels and spoons of varying scale which are created using traditional silversmithing techniques such as hammer raising and forging. Working with a variety of precious and non- precious metals, often incorporating wood as a contrasting material. "I thrive on learning new skills to apply my work and a fundamental element to my practice is sharing my knowledge and skills with others.

Studio Budgie Galore Ltd - Tutor - Daisy Lee-Overton

Daisy Lee-Overton

BA (Hons) Jewellery & Silversmithing


Daisy graduated from Birmingham School of Jewellery where she achieved a BA (Hons) in Jewellery and Silversmithing.

After completing her studies, Daisy moved back home where she now works from her studio in the heart of Sheffield.

The rolling hills of the Peaks with their soft curves and expansive greenery inspire both Daisy’s bespoke collection of ‘Rural Rings’ and commemorative collection ‘Springtime Florets’.

Motivated by her love of contrast and combination she uses a number of metal working processes; fold forming, etching and hammering techniques, creating fluid linear works which sit across the contours of the body.

These beautifully stylish pieces are perfect gifts to commemorate significant milestones such as birthdays, graduations, weddings and other special occasions.

Studio Budgie Galore Ltd - Tutor - Cathy Sutherland

Cathy Sutherland

BA(Hons) Design Crafts


Cathy is a jeweller living & working in Sheffield, based in the heart of this vibrant city of makers. Cathy studied a Design Crafts degree course at De Montfort University, specialising in metalwork.

Following two brilliant years at Yorkshire Artspace on the Starter Studio Course for Jewellers & Silversmiths, Cathy found a love of using traditional hand tools to create elegant tactile jewellery & small silverware, in particular the historical techniques of chasing & repoussé.

These processes are fundamental to Cathy's work as each piece goes through rounds of hammering, evolving organically into lovely decorative objects.

Designs are individually hammered in the metal making each piece unique, inspired by the natural world- rippling sand dunes, winding rivers & the branched patterns of ice crystals; current jewellery collections involve lots of textures in silver & gold, chased details and highlights of precious gemstones.

"I love to develop my making skills, learning new & different techniques to further my own practice but I also really enjoy passing on my knowledge through teaching & running specialised workshops".

Ben Friend - Tutor at Studio Budgie Galore Ltd

Ben Friend

Degree in Three Dimensional Design

Cert-Ed in Teaching

National Diploma in Applied Arts

Foundation in Applied Arts


I started out at Chesterfield College where I specialised in jewellery and silversmithing for three years and I found an interest in hand raising and silverware. I explored many techniques over several years which I adapted and developed at university in Loughborough. While at university I developed a technique that I invented at college which was to do with the colouration and patination of copper. My work was heavily influenced by Wabi Sabi and The Japanese Tea Ceremony. My work was based on imperfection, simplicity, distortion and transience but always mindful that whatever I made had to be made well. While at college I was shadowing a jeweller in Sheffield who helped me progress my skill set and knowledge in precious metals and stones. I stayed alongside him throughout my academic career and until I had finished my teaching certificate where I now currently work as a self employed jeweller and silversmith to the trade.